Working Approach and Strategy

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Working approach and strategy

VSK works with both right based and livelihood enhancement approach. For sustainability of work the focus is on institution building of the people. The ideals of democracy, transparency and accountability are installed in these institutions of the people or CBOs. Through implementation of various activities the focus is also on model building as a case for policy advocacy. Some of the strategies used are listed below:

  • Preparation and implementation of plan based on management of natural resource including water, forest, sustainable agriculture and livestock
  • Making science and technology simple and accessible so that the marginalized communities can derive benefit out of it.
  • Preparation of participatory development plan which is based on long-term sustainability.
  • Creating a centre for research and study for environmental conservation and promotion with the use of various IC materials
  • Capacity building of people from marginal communities for their active participation
  • Bringing transparency and accountability in operation of public welfare schemes by using means like social audit and public hearing
  • Preparation and implementation of plan based on improvement of health, education, nutrition and sanitation.
  • Proving training to rural communities, govt. and non-govt. organizations on issues of development, technology, environment etc.
  • Organization building of women, labor and farmers and networking with other like minded organizations for better accessibility of resources and services
  • Providing support in formation of Producer Company, cooperative etc. for the purpose of value addition of the produce
  • Improving reach of people for their access to various social security schemes and services.
  • Providing legal aid on issues related to protection of human rights and welfare of the people
  • Creating concept of proof for pro-people’s policy and advocacy relating to it.Working for promoting equal rights of women in the society